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13 October 2019

We are pleased to confirm The Stragglers will be organising the race this year over the traditional fast course starting in the centre of Twickenham


The Cabbage Patch 10 is a highly professional race. It is a race run by runners for runners and is almost as old as The London Marathon! It is one of the flattest, most scenic, ten mile races in the country aimed at runners of all standards on roads and towpaths. Starting in King Street, Twickenham, the route crosses the Thames at Kingston Bridge and Richmond Bridge, runs along the Riverside to finish on the drive in front of the York House Civic Building in Twickenham.





The Cabbage Patch 10 was founded in 1982 by Frank Dupree and Malcolm Ellis. Frank was landlord of the famous Cabbage Patch Pub in Twickenham and both were experienced runners belonging to the Stragglers Running Club.

Frank and Malcom are still involved with the race and work tirelessly with the same fantastic crew year after year, raising around £108,000 for charity. The Cabbage Patch Team are a very happy and loyal bunch of people who care deeply about bringing you a great day. Cabbage Patch 10 is in their DNA.

The Race Director of Cabbage Patch 10 is now Caitlin Limmer. Caitlin is Founder of The Bearcat Running Club, and Race director of The Turks Head 10k. Caitlin was awarded a Richmond Council Community award in 2014 and The Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award in October 2015. The Cabbage Patch 10 is dear to Caitlin’s heart, being the first race she ever ran, after having been seriously ill. Caitlin says, “It is like coming full circle. I have a great passion for The Cabbage Patch 10, Frank Dupree has been a friend for years, and it was the first running event I ever entered. I will see that this race remains everything it has been in the previous 35 years while bringing some added passion to what the committee and Stragglers have already lovingly given. I hope that the extra help of The Bearcat Running Club will see the race continue to be what it has always been; a race of legends, both in the Olympic athlete and the common runner”.




At the finish, all runners will receive the, now legendary, long sleeve top, along with a medal, can of beer, nutrition and hydration.

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Previous winners and high placed finishers include London 2012 Olympian Mo Farah, Scott Overall, Mara Yamauchi and Jess Petersson. Richard Nerukar set an all-time British record on the course in 1993 - a stunning 46 minutes and two seconds.


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Race HQ is the Cabbage Patch pub opposite Twickenham railway station, managed now by Stuart Green who will also be working to make the day run smoothly, from opening up for the runners early in the morning to feeding the marshals at the end of the day and so much more in between.

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Prize giving at The Cabbage Patch Pub after the race gives a famous Cabbage of course, and big prize money for both male and female runners - see PRIZES here. Two pedal bikes and a Garmin GPS watch are also given away as a spot prizes. To qualify to win one of these on the spot prizes, runners must place their race number in the bin provided and be present in person to collect the prize.

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