16 October 2022 - 9am

"Some races are part of running history. The Cabbage Patch is one of them."

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2022 Race Announcement




The UK government’s ‘roadmap’ for reopening gives us optimism that by October we will be able to hold the race restriction-free and at full capacity, however we will plan for a variety of situations.


– The CP10 organising team


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The Stragglers were founded in 1981 and have been pounding the streets and parks of South West London ever since. Our distinctive footprint and eye catching yellow shirts can be seen from a long way off. We have over 500 active members and offer a wide range of training and running experiences for all standards of runners. Our club ethos is to encourage participation in our races and club events and to promote the camaraderie and social side of the club.


In addition to the Cabbage patch 10, The Stragglers organise the Green Belt Relay, the Wedding Day 7k and the River Relay.

The Cabbage Patch 10 is a classic and fast 10-mile road race. The race is organised by The Stragglers Running Club and is almost as old as The London Marathon. It is one of the flattest, most scenic, 10-mile races in the country run on roads and towpaths and is popular with runners of all standards including elite and fast club runners. Starting in King Street, Twickenham, the route crosses the Thames at Kingston Bridge and Richmond Bridge, runs along the Riverside to finish on the drive in front of the York House Civic Building in Twickenham.






Race HQ

The race HQ is The Cabbage Patch Pub in London Road, Twickenham TW1 3SZ.


Race number and collection

Sport Systems provide a full entry management for this event and will be sending out race numbers, chips, and race-specific information approximately two to three weeks before the race.


Start time

The race starts at 9.00 am from Church Street, Twickenham. Prior to the start runners must assemble in the holding area in Church Street. This is a pedestrian area. YOU MUST STAY IN CHURCH STREET WHILST WATING FOR THE START AND NOT OBSTRUCT THE MAIN ROAD. The start line is now at the end of Church Street.


Twickenham is served by excellent public transport connections and we encourage you to travel to and from the race by public transport if it’s too far to walk or cycle. Twickenham BR station is five minutes walk from the Cabbage Patch. As for busses it’s like bus bingo. All these buses stop in Twickenham 33, 110, 267, 281, 290, 490, H22, R68, R70.


Car parking in Twickenham town centre is limited. If you do decide to travel by car please try to share your car or get a lift to help keep car numbers down. You may find someone to share a lift with via liftshare.com/uk.


The nearest accessible car parks to the race start and finish, which are all free of charge on a Sunday, are Arragon Road (TW1 3NG– 437  spaces), Holly Road (TW1 4HF – 171   spaces) and Church Lane (TW1 3NX – 30 spaces).  Please note the car park at York House will not be accessible.


There will be a baggage store at the Race HQ. Please note that the race organisers cannot take responsibility for the loss of items from the baggage store.


There are no changing facilities available at the race HQ. There are toilets at the race HQ and at various cafes, pubs and other venues in Twickenham town centre. We will provide signage outside the venues with toilets which welcome runners.


Sport Systems will be timing the event, they will provide runners with a “Personal Time” calculated from when the runner crosses the start line to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is sometimes called chip to chip timing. We will also provide a “Race Time” calculated from when the race is started to when the runner crosses the finish line – this is sometimes called gun time.


As set down by the rules of athletics, the results and prizes will be provided in Race Time order.


The course is a fast and flat circuit starting in the centre of Twickenham, crossing the Thames at Kingston and Richmond bridges and finishing at York House in Twickenham.


It is run mostly on roads and paved footpaths including the Richmond River path. Richard Nerurkar set an all-time British record for 10 miles on the course in 1993 in a time of 46 minutes and two seconds.


This year we have made a small number of changes to the course which will improve the runner experience and safety.


There will be cash prizes in each of the men’s and lady’s races as follows:

A perpetual shield and individual prizes will be awarded to the 1st Men’s team (6 to count) and Lady’s team (4 to count).


Spot prizes will be awarded.


Prize-giving will take place at 11.30am at the Cabbage Patch pub. As well as the fabulous race cash prizes, the race winners will receive the famous cabbages and spot prizes will be made for those who are in attendance and who’s numbers are in the spot prize bin.


There will be first aiders on hand at the start, during and end of the race. If you have any difficulties during the race, please notify one of the many marshals on the course.


If you feel unwell or are suffering from any medical conditions on race day, you are advised not to run.


Where can I find the results?

The results are expected to be posted on the results section of www.sportsystems.co.uk shortly after the race. There will be a link to the results on the CP10 website.


How do I know I am entered?

There is a link to a live entrants list in the online store so you can check your name is there. If you have entered and your name is not on the list, please contact us by emailing enquiries@sportsystems.co.uk or use the Contact us form at the bottom of this webpage


What should I do if my number hasn’t arrived?

So long as you are on the entrants list (see above) then you are entered! If you don’t have your number and chip by race day please still turn up to collect replacements from the race HQ.


What happens if I can’t take part?

Very nearly all event entries are non-refundable due to the planning and pre-purchasing of the event merchandise. If you can’t take part you can transfer your number to a friend but you must inform the organisers and make the change at least one week prior to raceday.  This is particularly important in case of a medical emergency. You will be required to complete a transfer form so that the race has a signed declaration for the new runner. Contact the race registration service at Sport Systems (email enquiries@sportsystems.co.uk). There will be a £5 admin charge for transfers.


Headphones and MP3 Players

Please read the following information that we have been sent from UKA Rules of Competition:

The use of headphones on the Cabbage Patch 10 is forbidden. The 2018-2020 edition of the UKA Rules of Competition states:
“The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic... Competition Providers of races held entirely on roads closed to traffic may apply this condition where appropriate to local circumstances.” Race Directors may apply the condition to any race where they consider the wearing of headphones to be a hazard - including, for example, where runners must be able to hear marshals' instructions or on a lap course, and UKA will support the race director where that local condition is applied. Enforcement of this rule is a matter for the race director and referee and disqualification of runners who choose to ignore it is an option. Race Directors should state at the point of entry and in all pre-race publicity whether or not headphones are banned because failure to do so could result in many runners appearing on the day expecting to run with them. The rule book is available for reference here or to buy from Harry Hitchcock Ltd, Lyon House, 16 Lyon Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 3PU; 01932 225591 - hhltd@btconnect.com


Finishers will receive this year’s race medal and a race memento which will be announced nearer race day.


RandR Photography will be on the course and at the finish taking photos. These images will be available to purchase from their website www.randrphotos.co.uk the day after the race.


Given the uncertainty regarding Covid 19 and restrictions imposed from time to time by the UK Government, we may be forced to postpone the race to a later date. If this should happen, we will offer entrants the choice of a deferral to the new date or a refund less 90p administration fee.


If in the unlikely event the race has to be cancelled for another reason beyond the organisers control (other than Covid 19) entry fees will not be refundable.


If, for whatever reason you are unable to run, please download and complete this Transfer Form, and send it back to Sport Systems digitally to enquiries@sportsystems.co.uk or via post to the address on the top of the back page


Postcode to the start TW1 3SZ

The race is accredited under licence by UK Athletics.


 The Cabbage Patch 10 –
An historical synopsis.

The Cabbage Patch 10 was founded in 1982 by Frank Dupree and Malcolm Ellis. Frank was landlord of the famous Cabbage Patch pub in Twickenham and both were experienced runners belonging to the Stragglers Running Club. Frank and Malcolm are still big supporters of the race and the race HQ is still at the Cabbage Patch pub. The race has raised over £100,000 over the years for Clarendon School in Richmond.

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See your results to the Invisible Cabbage Patch 10 here


Sponsors & Partners


Many thanks to all our sponsors, without whom the Cabbage Patch would not be possible

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If, for whatever reason you are unable to run, please download and complete this Transfer Form, and send it back to Sport Systems digitally to enquiries@sportsystems.co.uk or via post to the address on the top of the back page


Clarendon School


Clarendon, part of the Auriga Academy Trust, is a day special school for pupils aged 4-16 with moderate learning difficulties and additional complex needs (including Autism). There are places for 140 young people, usually in classes of around 12. In 2018 we moved into new accommodation - our Primary Centre (for 50 pupils) in Buckingham Road, Hampton, and our Secondary Centre (for 90 pupils) in Egerton Road, Twickenham.

Our team work together to provide the best education and pastoral care to ensure that Clarendon is a place of learning for everyone. This is achieved through:


• To be a centre of excellence where all pupils are supported and challenged to:

• Achieve their full potential in their academic, social, creative, personal, physical and moral development.

• Grow in confidence and become as independent as possible.

• Make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community, in which they are valued as individuals.


• Our philosophy is that pupils will flourish and achieve their full potential when they are taught:

• In a nurturing, safe and engaging environment.

• With consistently excellent, engaging and progressive teaching and learning opportunities for all.

• A broad and innovative curriculum which enriches the experience of our pupils.

• And provided with opportunities for life-long learning, growing independence and to be valued members of society.


 • To provide a networking service through which those newly diagnosed with MDS may share their experience with fellow sufferers.

 • To provide a contact help and advice telephone line 5 days/week

 • To organise several national patient information meetings with specialist speakers

 • To help patients create small regional support group meetings, to meet informally - or organise activities or small presentations.

 • To distribute information and raise awareness of MDS to patients, carers and health care professionals across the UK.

 • To provide access to a list of UK consultants, specialising in MDS.

 • To develop and maintain a website, providing information on MDS. Also direction to other relevant sites.



The MDS Patient Support Group is a blood cancer charity based act Kings College Hospital London. They provide support and resources to approximately 2500 newly diagnosed patients with ‘myelodysplastic syndromes’.

MDS is a debilitating and life-threatening blood cancer where the bone marrow ceases to work effectively resulting in misshapen blood cells and platelets. Patients suffer bruising, unexpected bleeding, debilitating fatigue and are prone to life threatening infections. The only cure, currently, is a bone marrow transplant - itself a life-threatening treatment.

Due to the average age of MDS patients only one in 10 is physically able to tolerate a cure with a bone marrow transplant - and that’s assuming that they have a suitable match.

Many people, newly diagnosed with MDS, have not heard of this disorder before. Some, diagnosed early, do not even feel unwell, initially at least. However, the disease is complicated and life changing and often the anxiety of diagnosis comes with its own issues. MDS UK hope to provide the information and support that patients need in order to come to terms with their illness and ensure that they get the absolute best treatment they can.

As a charity we are 100% funded by donation. We have ever increasing demands on our time and resources but we also have ambitious plans to meet them and for that we need not just financial assistance but motivated volunteers.


If you cannot find a solution to your query in the Race information at the top of this page, please feel free to contact us


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